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The State of the art in Deep Learning is reaching new levels every year to say the least, thanks to the availability of powerful machines and frameworks by Nvidia, Google, and the growing open source community.

Particularly in Natural Language Processing (NLP), 2018 and later have seen breakthroughs by huge pre-trained language models such as BERT/GPT-3, and the ability to apply transfer learning for custom problems using transformer models. ‘Attention is all you need’ transformers paper demonstrated its popularity and applications use is getting realized only now and is growing.

This article focuses on the Sentiment Analysis problem, particularly Aspect…

The world of wine can be highly intimidating, especially when you’re flipping through a sprawling menu full of words that you don’t know how to pronounce let alone understand. Raise your glass if you’ve ever ordered something out of budget under pressure or random simply because you didn’t want to keep the whole table waiting.

Tips for choosing the best wine

To put an end to your whining for once and all, here are some tips to help you pick something tasty:

Don’t Hesitate to Ask — Sommeliers and waiters are there to help and guide. Ask them about wines on the list. What do they…

Tushar Gerg

A tech consultant and self proclaimed thinker

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